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Shoto, a leading integration service provider of green energy storage in the era of big data.Using cutting-edge energy technology,with our customers around the world,shares a green world. We actively explore,and discover a new world with ever-growing energy.For Telecom Industry,Shoto has a complete series of energy storage solutions, and provides solid green energy security.For Power Industry,we are becoming a core hub that creates future smart grid networks.For Transportation Industry,Shoto is supplying new, clean and high-efficiency power energy,and offers infinite assistance to social development,and makes green travel possible.In Recycling Industry, Shoto firstly constructs the recycling industry chains for lead acid battery,which makes energy to be recyclable and renewable,and reduces resource loss,and recovers healthy earth.


Main Applications

Backup Power Supply For FTTB/TTH/NU/PON

applicable to stable grid, half-grid and other scenes

Technical Features

High energy density: more energy with less weight and footprint

High charge and discharge currents (short charge period)

Long battery life (up to 3 times the battery life of a conventional battery)

High effciency between charging and discharging

Shoto: Battery Lithium Ion 5.1kWh

Shoto 5.12kwh Lithium-Ion Battery with more than 5000
cycles with 90% DOD and 10+ years design life.
Rack Mounted structure design reduces installation
time and cost